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The Club La Plage offers a unique and differentiated structure for your event. It has a large covered space and a beautiful outdoor area, both become even more enjoyable by the breathtaking view of the beach of João Fernandes.
Another differential feature of the Club La Plage is its private beach. Opposite the beach, a sandy space reserved for your guests. At this space, performing wedding ceremonies and other events, join the fun and the atmosphere of a beach town, with the exclusivity and comfort of a club. The restaurant has a beachy typically varied and tasty menu. Including seafood, prime meats and various other options. Offers a varied buffet, where the customer can choose from formal or informal dinner presented in mini portions, stations and cocktails.

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Testimonials Grooms

  • casamento 1

Michelle and Fabiano - April 2014

"Dear friends of the La Plage! Victoria, Sabrina, Arilton, Ale and everyone who made ​​our day so tense !!
Thanks for everything, the contacts, the affection, attention, helpfulness!
God has always been in charge of our lives and it could not be chosen when the La Plage and tda team to realize our greatest dream !!
Sooo thank you for everything! "- Michelle A. Bastos

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Inoa and Vinicius - March 2014

"The party was PERFECT !!! It could not be better! Thank you for all the patience you had with me, taking all doubts and being super cute all the time! The service was great and we loved everything! "- Inoa Viana

  • laura e alex

Laura and Alex - July 2014

"I want to thank for all the love and care that you and the entire La Plage team has extended to us. My wife and I, we were delighted from the first minute we got to the hotel. First the inevitable memories of our wedding and then the commitment all of us provide the best, from the special housekeeping, to the wonderful lunch yesterday Gift. Power prove all those dinner dishes of our marriage, it was a wonderful trip in time !!
We always knew choose La Plage for our wedding, was the right choice. But this weekend, gave us the certainty that we made the best choice of all !! La Plage is a magical place !!
It is very nice to know that next year we can come back to this unique place and meet again the natural beauty it offers, the care and attention of a team very dedicated to serving well, the warmth of a hotel safe, comfortable and beautiful, day of the memories that marked our lives!

Luciana, Victoria, Arilton and all the La Plage team.

Thank You Very Much !!! "

  • lais

Laís and Mannel - May 2015

"I want to thank those responsible for this dream:
Club La Plage, Victoria Cavalare and staff: very caring and professionalism for us! "